Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Photos of a Plasma Research Facility in Alaska - Pretty Cool, Actually

"Gallery: Inside Alaska’s Answer to Area 51"
Wired Danger Room (August 4, 2009)

"200 miles northeast of Anchorage, there’s a massive military facility tucked deep in the black pine. What goes on at the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (Haarp) depends on who you ask. Self-directed 'researchers' like Nick Begich say the collection of transmitters and receivers is conducting secret tests of monstrous weapons for the Defense Department: mind control, weather manipulation, long-distance spying. The military scientists in charge of this military installation insist that Haarp has absolutely no direct military applications whatsoever..."

Okay: This is mostly a collection of photos, illustrating the research facility and project mentioned in my last post.

The 10 photos give a pretty good look at the facility. I don't have quite the same attitude about the military that's expressed in this pair of articles - but the pair of them do a pretty good job of outlining the sort of research that's being done.

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