Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Squirrel Photobomber: Scene Stealer Charms Vacationers

"Squirrel Photobomber Steals the Scene"
Kelly Reeves, Urlesque, (August 10, 2009)

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the greatest photo on the internet.... the squirrel photobomb.

"Melissa Brandts and her husband stopped to take a photo using their camera's self-timer while vacationing in Canada. Intrigued by the sounds of the camera, a curious ground squirrel came over to check things out and...."

Looks like this squirrel (gopher?) has made the big time - he's making (virtual, surely) appearances 'everywhere.' That thumbnail leads to one of the better accidental photos I've seen. And, among the cutest.

"Photobomber" is a relatively new term for me - which in itself is nothing new, since I was born during the Truman administration. This squirrel (gopher? I'm not all that sure about rodents) popped up at the right place - at just about exactly the right time.

Mostly, this post shows a cute photo - and illustrates that, if you take enough photos, one of them will turn out special.

It helps to have the lens cap off, things in focus, and batteries in the camera, of course. I remember when it was 'film in the camera.'

This is a seriously cute post. But, a bit of a disclaimer, since I never know what sort of tastes visitors to this blog may have. Some of the 'related posts' that the squirrel photobomber links to are - in my opinion - funny, but now quite as downright cute as this one. That said:


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