Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alaska Pizza - That's Not a Typo

"The United States of Pizza: Alaska"
Slice Pizza Blog (August 13, 2009)

"Although I worry that a pizza oven would threaten the structural integrity of an igloo, Spencer Shroyer (editor of the Anchorage Daily News's Play Magazine), my invaluable source of Alaskan pizza intel, showed me that wood-fired ovens do indeed exist in the Land of the Midnight Sun. All Alaska jokes aside, we in the Lower 48 must overcome our Rudolph-ladened imaginings of Meat Lover pies strewn with caribou, moose, and reindeer sausage (a topping option at the Great Alaska Pizza Company) dipped in Eskimo ice cream instead of ranch.

"Due to the difficulty of growing year-round in Alaska (the state does experience a very short but intense growing season that produces world-record-setting crops like a 19-pound carrot and a 106-pound cabbage), there aren't as many specialized regional ingredients aside from fish...."

Turns out that reindeer sausage and moose meat aren't as common in Alaskan pizzas as people in the lower 48 might think. Those who ponder on Alaskan pizza toppings, that is.

This post may not be the last word on Alaskan pizza - I'd be surprised if it was, actually - but if you're in Anchorage or Homer, Alaska, this would be a pretty good place to go to find out about a couple of pizza places.
A tip of the hat to williamcooks, on Twitter, for the heads-up on this post.

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