Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chad Ruble and a Blast from the Past: Bowling, Beer and NASCAR in Groovy Black and White

"And Finally: Chad’s new angle"
Oddly Enough blog, Reuters (August 1, 2009)

"This week Chad Ruble, our guy who presents strange video clips, unveils his new 'virtual studio.'

I don't completely understand it, but it seems that now, instead of doing his show....

Another tip of the hat to Oddly Enough. The Lemming doesn't often do two micro-reviews in a row on posts from the same source: but this is odd and interesting enough to warrant making an exception.

Back to Oddly Enough, Chad Ruble, and what looks like a very - creative? - approach to set design. The Oddly Enough blog, naturally, does a fine job of making fun of what looks to me like a sort of throwback to sixties styling, with the color taken out and a touch of NASCAR thrown in.

I remember when inserting the image of a person - often at an angle - over an obviously-artificial (we say "virtual" now) background was kinda-now, kinda-wow, and very groovy video technology.

What puzzles me a bit is whether those things behind Chad Ruble are rumpled bowling pins and a rumpled beer bottle, or rumpled bowling pins morphing into beer bottles.

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