Thursday, March 18, 2010

Snow Angels: Now That's a Snow Fort!

"Snow Angels"

anoasisproduction, YouTube (March 16, 2010)
video, 8:37

"North Dakotan Kids build a giant snow fort from a 8ft. snow drift."

I think I'd have enjoyed watching this video, even if my son-in-law hadn't been holding the camera.

It's a sort of home movie, but with better editing and focused on the idea that kids can have fun in their own back yard - or any (safe) outdoor area they can get to.

Sure, not many folks have back yards a half-mile deep with eight-foot snow drifts. Including this set. That's a field in the Red River Valley of the North. The drift built up on the leeward side of a shelter belt.

(Doesn't look much like a valley, right? Land around the Red River of the North is about as flat as any you'll find on Earth: why it's called a "valley" I don't know.)

If "Oasis Productions" sounds familiar, you've probably been following this blog and have a pretty good memory. I wrote about a to-be-released-this-summer video by that company a few weeks ago. ("Art of Serenity" is still in production and on schedule.)

About Oasis Productions: It's a company with two divisions: for-profit, making video presentations for businesses and civic organizations; non-profit, "To provide network-quality programming with a Catholic worldview to entertain and educate committed Catholics....". (More on their About Oasis Productions page) I think they're pretty good: but my son-in-law is involved with the company, so I'm biased.

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