Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mozart Requiem - a Techno-Trance Treatment

"Requiem (Mozart), Techno-Trance Remix"

SlyRemixed, YouTube (June 08, 2008)
video, 3:40

"Sensation Anthem 2003; Requiem, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Remixed, Video by SlyRemixed, Enjoy!"

If you like your classical music stuffy, and your church music stuffier: Don't watch this video! You won't like it. At all.

I've listened to - and watched - it a few times now, and I rather like it. But then I've discovered that I like techno music. I also like bluegrass, jazz, east Indian, and rock music. Some of it, anyway.

I suppose I could be shocked and horrified at the way the sublime music of Mozart was debased by these vulgar digital distortions: but why bother? I think it's nice when music is played on the original instruments - I also think it's a good idea to have a shot at re-imagining existing works with new performance technologies.

For a while MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) had a sort of catchphrase: something like 'remember, all music once was new.' I think it's a good idea to remember that the 'great masters' weren't wearing funny-looking, old-fashioned clothes. Those threads were up-to-date back then - and so was their music.

Some were even criticized for writing awful newfangled noise. But that's another topic.


Brigid said...

I can just hear the conversation so many centuries back.

"Did you hear the new piece by Mozart?"

"Yeah, it was good, though I think he should do another waltz, those are a bit better."

"Are you kidding? It has to be his concertos, though I do prefer Bach in that case."

And you see where this is going. :P

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...


Oh, yeah.

At least, I think so.

The waltz, by the way, was decried as a terribly immoral dance which would lead to the disintegration of social values.

Looking at what's happened in the last century or so, the critics may have had a point.

But, I rather doubt it.

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