Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Entrepreneurs aren't CEOs: The New York Times and a Crazy Bonus

"The New York Times, a Crazy Bonus, and Entrepreneurs"
Starting a Small Business Without Losing My Mind (March 16, 2010)

"I get calls from time to time, from people at employment agencies. They want to know if I'll be filling any positions.

"I'm a writer and artist, writer mostly, and run a sole proprietor business where I'm the CEO, general manager, marketing department clerical staff and maintenance department - and do anything else that needs to get done.

"Even so, I'm not paying myself all that much. But it's no use complaining to the boss about it: I've tried...."

I think the post is brilliant! insightful! thought-provoking! But then, Starting a Small Business Without Losing My Mind is one of my blogs - and I'll admit to having a bias.

It's my take on the disconnect between the $2,300,000 bonus a CEO got for 2009 - while employees were losing their jobs. I don't know that the situation really qualifies as being "obscene," but I do think that it was a stupid move.

And, I get into what I see as a difference between entrepreneurs and CEOs of major, established, corporations.

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