Sunday, March 28, 2010

So That's Where They Get Those Promotional Cups

"Cheap Plastic Cups"
Show Your Logo, Inc.

"You can’t go wrong with custom party cups, and these cheap plastic cups are an excellent choice. Guaranteed to work their way into homes all over town, these logo plastic cups are a simple marketing idea that delivers long-term exposure. Our sturdy custom beer cups come in a wide variety of colors to make any logo look great. Order custom stadium cups from Show Your Logo and get a sweet deal on a popular promotional item!...

"$.35 ea.*..."

If you think there's a catch: you're right, sort of. These customized cups are $0.35 USD each: with a minimum order of 250. That's $87.50 USD, plus - probably - shipping and handling.

If I were buying the things, I'd do 'due diligence' and shop around a bit: but the price doesn't strike me as outrageous. Certainly not for custom-made, short-run items like this.

I'm not, by the way: but I learned about this general sort of thing when I was part of the marketing department of a small publishing house. We didn't use plastic cups, but did give away plastic heart-shaped paperclips with the company slogan on them for a while.

The most lastingly effective - and popular with our customers - were cheap tear-off scribble pads with the company name, logo, and toll-free number on each sheet. They got used by the folks who bought our products - and were a great way of keeping our contact information in front of them.

Don't worry: The Lemming will have something less 'crassly commercial' next.

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