Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Grief, What Was the Fashion Designer Thinking?!

"What are you chicks waiting for again?"
Oddly Enough, Reuters blog (March 6, 2010)

" 'Maggie, what the hell is going on? The fashion show has started, and those three models over there don't even have their make-up! Let's get going!'

" 'But Boss, I can't do their make-up until their hair is done!'

" 'Their hair IS done, you silly twit!'..."

I don't exactly feel sorry for fashion models. Some of them are paid a great deal in exchange for being humiliated in public. I suppose it's an acceptable trade-off.

Or maybe we're looking at a situation which could explode in the fashion industry's collective face soon.

The young woman at left, for example: doesn't her expression suggest that thoughts like this are running through her mind? "Stab him? Too quick. Unless I'm careful. Poison? Maybe. But would it hurt enough?"

Now, contrast that with this model. Doesn't it look like she's made up her mind?

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