Friday, April 3, 2009

Shipping Container Buildings: Cool, Sometimes Practical

"5 Cool Buildings Made of Shipping Containers"
Spot Cool Stuff (undated)

"Shipping containers. You’ve seen them on trains, on the back of trucks, at ports and piled onto cargo ships. There more than 20 million of those steel 40 by 8 feet (12 by 2.4 meter) boxes scattered around the world. That’s more than were needed even before the current economic slowdown. Today, as many as one million shipping containers may be sitting around unused. The surplus is especially profound in the United States, northern Europe and China...."

With photos: how many depends on how you count them. Includes an isometric illustration of two units, and floor plans of another.

Cool? Yes.

Practical? Some of them, yes. Maybe even the one that looks like the result of an unnatural union of dominoes and dice.


Spot Cool Stuff said...

"Unnatural union of dominoes and dice." Now that's a good line! Thanks for the link and the fun commentary.

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

Spot Cool Stuff,

Thank you! And, my pleasure.

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