Thursday, April 30, 2009

Disposing of the American Flag: There's a Right Way to Do it

"Proper U.S. Flag Retirement"
IYAAYAS Moderator's Blog (April 28, 2009)

"Being a Cub Scout Leader, we take pride when we teach about respecting our United States flag.

"I have been a Cub Scout leader for many years. I'm able to bring in a little military experience when I teach about our flags history. Our children should learn that our flag is worth defending and deserves dignity when her service is complete.

"Below is a 'typical' flag retirement ceremony.

"When the United States flag (Old Glory) becomes worn, torn, faded or badly soiled, it is time to replace it with a new flag, and the old flag should be "retired" with all the dignity and respect befitting our nation's flag...."

What follows is a description of a ceremony which shows respect for America's flag, and teaches something about this country in the process. That includes assigning a meaning to each stripe - and more.

I definitely do not recommend this post to anyone who doesn't like America, Americans, or anyone who likes to be considered 'sophisticated' in America's more elite circles.

Let's face it: a disdain for America and an attitude of moral equivalence has been an intellectual fashion in America for a few decades, now. I don't mind being counter-cultural, myself: the value of deciding for oneself whether or not to accept the dominant culture's standards is something I learned back in the sixties. And, as I've explained before: the Lemming is "apathetic:" I don't care about the right things, in the right way.

For people who don't become distressed when faced with showing respect for a nation's flag, I think this will be an interesting post.

Acknowledgment - I found this post in a (very short) BlogCatalog discussion thread: Related Posts: Background and more information:


Anonymous said...

Being the first to comment, that doesn't happen to often. I greatly appreciate the post on your blog. The discussion actually took off, you should check it out. I love getting bashed for being patriotic. One thought crossed my mind when reading this post, your outlook is courageos, and you are not afraid to lay your opinion out there to be trampled. I'll be coming back here to check out more in the very near future.

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...


Thanks for the good words. I don't know about 'courageous:' but thanks, anyway.

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