Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why Using Your Real Name on Twitter Makes Sense

"10 Reasons To Use Your Real Name As Your Twitter @Name"
TwiTip (April 22, 2009) (I know: Must be a dateline thing)

"If you search the Twitter world you will find Tweeps with a plethora of different Twitter @names; many which are totally unrelated to the Twitterer's real name. No matter whether your Twitter account is a business account, personal account or brand account; you should definitely use your real name, real business name or real brand name as your Twitter @name.

"10 Reasons Why You Should Use Your Real Name On Twitter:

"1. It will be simple and easy to locate you in the 'Find People' search tool on Twitter homepage; Remember 'KISS'” - Keep It Simple Stupid...."

The list gives a pretty compelling set of reasons for people on Twitter using their real names, and not an alias (on Twitter, I'm Aluwir, for example).

The advice is a little late for me: There are already two people with my name on Twitter, and one of them uses "MrGill" as a screen name. However, you can still find me on Twitter - try Googling this:

brian gill site:twitter.com

Thanks to Vernon Brown for drawing my attention to this post.

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