Sunday, April 5, 2009

Firebase Earth (something different from the Lemming)

We are involved in a war which was raging when the current event, which we call the universe, began its existence. This war's origins are in a place where space and time are not, and many of its soldiers are beings whose nature and mode of existence we can only infer from their dealings with us.

When the first humans walked the Earth, they quickly became involved in this war. On the wrong side.

As a result, Earth is now on the front lines, and no human being has been born who has not been scarred by it.

As I grew, I became aware of the war. First, noticing its effects, then slowly developing a dim understanding of why death and deception, malice and greed, were so much a part of life here.

Unlike most wars, this one has a distinct "right" and "wrong side: assuming that one regards the agonizing death of humanity "wrong."

Quite recently there was a major turning point in the war. About twenty centuries ago, the leader of the side which does not seek humanity's destruction intervened, personally.

Through a process we may never understand, a portion of the leader became fully human and walked among us. The crux of his mission here was an act which broke the enemy's power over humanity.

He also set up a sort of command center. It maintains his presence, and protects and guides humanity in what appear to be the final phases of this conflict.

I had known about this command center for decades before understanding what it was. When I found out, I joined its ranks.

I am a Catholic.
Also posted in "A Catholic Citizen in America" (April 5, 2009)

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