Monday, April 13, 2009

High-End House With Cool Furniture

"The Perfect Union of Modern Furniture, Interior Design, and Architecture"
Furniture Fashion (undated, as far as I could tell)

"When it comes to truly great looking home design there must be a perfect balance that incorporates architecture, landscape, interior design, and most importantly, personality. Belzberg Architects designed this stunning residence tucked away in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles which was featured in a recent issue...."

There are a few facts in the prose - and thirteen photos of a very impressive house.

I'm a bit dubious whenever I read that something is a "perfect" anything. However, several of the chairs do look as if they might be at least moderately comfortable, there's reason to hope that the bed is firm enough for my taste, and the stairs look as if they were designed around the idea that human beings of average size would be using them.

And, the house and its furnishings are visually stunning.

As often happens with articles like this, there are no floor plans. I understand how sensitive that sort of information can be, from a security point of view - but they do help give some sense of how livable a house would be.

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