Friday, April 10, 2009

Lemming Tracks: A Perfect Storm of Malware and Easter Weekend

The Lemming's had malware trouble - which became acute this week. I'm dealing with it, but it's been a distraction. Right now, a full system scan is going through my G drive - over 8 hours after I started it.

Well, that's my problem - and I'm dealing with it.

However, it does mean that I'm putting up another IOU for that average of three daily posts that I try for. If you're a regular visitor: you know I'm good for it. If you're new here at Apathetic Lemming of the North, "trust me:" I'll make up for lost time, as soon as I've got full use of a machine here. Which shouldn't be all that long, one way or another.

One thing: the situation I'm dealing with doesn't seem to have anything with the Conficker worm that I've posted about. The big problem may have been zlob - and I'm getting some other stuff cleaned up now.

Besides, it's Easter Weekend

Lent and Easter is a rather big deal for me and this household. The family's been at Mass today, and I don't mind having an excuse to kick back, think about 'Big Picture' things, and let software crank its way through its paces.
Update April 13, 2009
"Lemming Tracks: Caught up After a Perfect Storm of Malware and Easter Weekend" (April 13, 2009)

Caught up with the weekend's posts: malware still an unresolved issue.

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