Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lemming Tracks: Why the Fuss About Swine Flu?

I've been posting quite a bit about swine flu, these last couple of days.

Not to worry: The Lemming's not going to start writing an 'all flu, all the time' blog.

Part of the reason that I've done so many s.f. posts is that this situation is just starting, and I thought there was reason to get background links set up, and get in my two cents' worth about the opening days of what may be a pandemic.

I take this seriously, because I've experienced a few of the 20th century's pandemics - and I think they are significant, even if they didn't kill anyone I know.

So, although I may do a post about this mutant bug tomorrow, I expect that the Lemming will be back to a more routine set of relatively lightweight posts.

I'm updating a list of swine flu-related posts at:

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