Sunday, April 5, 2009

Red River Valley of the North Flood, 2009: April 5: News Added As I find It

I took it easy today, and will start tracking the news a bit more energetically tomorrow.
10:00 p.m.
"Red River flooding closed schools in more than a dozen districts"
Minnesota Public Radio (April 5, 2009) (1 hour ago)

" St. Paul, Minn. — Class resumes Monday in the Fargo and Moorhead school districts. Each district lost the last eight school days because of flooding."

"But they're not the only ones."

"Minnesota Public Radio News contacted districts along both sides of the Red River and found 13 that lost at least one day of school due to flooding...."

Just for fun, I organized some of the information in the MPR article.

School days lost:
  • 10
    • Kindred, North Dakota district
  • 8
    • Moorhead, Minnesota
    • Fargo, North Dakota
    • Norman County West, Minnesota
  • 7
    • Central Cass, North Dakota
  • 6
    • Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton, Minnesota
  • 5
    • Richland, North Dakota
    • West Fargo, North Dakota
  • 3
    • Hope-Page, North Dakota
    • Northern Cass, North Dakota
    • Wahpeton, North Dakota
  • 2+
    • Breckenridge, Minnesota
  • 2
    • Campbell-Tintah, Minnesota
Climax-Shelly districts, Minnesota, were open, but flooded roads made problems for parents and staff - as Minnesota Public Radio put it. Which raises an interesting point: do any children go to the Climax-Shelly districts?

Never mind.

Oslo, Minnesota was entirely cut off by the flood at one point. It's a bit north of East Grand Forks: and right on the Red River of the North. About a dozen students couldn't make it to their school in Warren then, so the met in Oslo.

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Then there were the places that didn't flood, but got snowed in.

One thing I'll say about this part of the world's climate: it isn't boring.
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