Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Residential Architecture by Architects for the Architect

"The Personal Homes of Famous Architects: 8 Great Masterworks"
(undated - probably late March, or early April, 2009)

"An architect’s home is the ultimate self portrait. Their clients, be they municipal, corporate or private, all bring constraints on creative freedom. When an architect sets out to build a home of their own, artistic freedom is truly an unlimited resource. What, then, is the true measure of an architect? The home that they themselves call home. Continue reading...."

Quite a few photos, and adequate description of several architects' homes.

This is a sort of residential architecture that interests me a great deal: homes designed by very gifted architects, that are not 'creativity' inflicted on someone else. The architects themselves choose to live in these structures.

Alas! One of my favorites, a strange-looking (house?) which avoids straight lines wherever possible, isn't in this selection. I'd find a review of it: but can't remember the name!

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