Friday, May 30, 2008

Phoenix Mars Lander: Sitting on Ice?

"NASA's Phoenix Lander Robotic Arm Camera Sees Possible Ice"
Phoenix Mars Mission (May 30, 2008) (Article posted May 30, 2008; referencing news conference of May 30, 2008; and elsewhere identified as being released May 30, 2008. Article's dateline of May 29 is not accurate.)

"Scientists have discovered what may be ice that was exposed when soil was blown away as NASA's Phoenix spacecraft landed on Mars last Sunday, May 25. The possible ice appears in an image the robotic arm camera took underneath the lander, near a footpad...."

More: This isn't like the 'Martian invaders' movies that we had, back in the fifties: no ray guns; no handsome young scientist who takes off his glasses and saves the day in the last reel.

It may not be Hollywood-dramatic, but this unfolding tale of a robot in the arctic wastes of Mars, prospecting for ice, has its own appeal. And, it's real.

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