Thursday, May 22, 2008

Colorado Tornado: It Could Have Been Worse

"Tornado kills 1, rips apart buildings in Colorado"
CNN (May 22, 2008)

"(CNN) -- At least one massive tornado swept across northern Colorado's Front Range on Thursday, killing at least one person, destroying several buildings and dumping golf ball-size hail, authorities reported."

I remember the 'good old days,' before weather satellites and Doppler radar - or any sort of weather radar. All things considered, I'd rather be living now, when we generally get a 'heads up' before twisters come roaring through.

Here's short list of resources, and an odd news item, about tornadoes and weather forecasting:
  • "The Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF Scale)"
    NOAA / National Weather Service
    (a pretty good, detailed, resource)
  • "Evolution of Tornado Technology"
    (a very brief overview)
  • "NEXRAD Product Improvement - Improving NWS Tornado Warnings" (*.pdf document)
    National Weather Service
    (three page detailed discussion of tornado warning technology, with color illustrations)
  • "Study: Early Warnings May Boost Tornado Deaths"
    FoxNEWS (May 20, 2008)
    " With the most deadly tornadoes, even advanced warning may not reduce fatalities, according to a new study.
    "Though the results are based on only a few cases, scientists found that with the worst tornadoes, increasing the warning time may actually increase the number of deaths they cause...."
    "Overall, when people were notified of a tornado up to about 15 minutes ahead of time, deaths decreased. However, lead times greater than 15 minutes seemed to increase fatalities compared with no warning.
    "The scientists think this result is explained by a handful of the most severe storms...."

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