Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lifelock CEO Todd Davis Victim of Identity Theft, and There's a Lawsuit

"Does LifeLock really work?"
KPTM FOX 42 Omaha (May 25, 2008)

"There are a number of relatively new products on the market offering to protect us from identity theft. One of them features a marketing campaign that has people talking.

"The commercials definitely get your attention: LifeLock CEO Todd Davis parades his social security number around for everyone to see.

" 'I know I have made this information useless to the criminal,' says Davis. "We are the only company that actually stops this crime before it happens.

"For about $10 a month. But it's $10 you may not need to spend.

" 'The core services that they offer is actually available to consumers at no cost,' says Jaimee Napp of the Identity Theft Action Council of Nebraska...."

'Caveat Emptor' - 'buyer beware' - an old saying, and still a useful warning.

One more thing: "Fraud-prevention pitchman becomes ID theft victim" (CNN (May 22, 2008)). "SAN JOSE, California (AP) -- Todd Davis has dared criminals for two years to try stealing his identity: Ads for his fraud-prevention company, LifeLock, even offer his Social Security number next to his smiling mug."

And, predictably, there's a lawsuit.

Todd Davis's commercials, showing his social security number on a truck, have been described as hubris. Maybe so.

I see that as really good marketing. What disturbs me is that he apparently was selling a service that's free.

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