Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to Make a Hidden Storage Disk - and Attract The Usual Assortment of Jerks

"HOWTO: Make a hidden storage disk!"
Spyro The Dragon Forums Forum Index -> General Chat (May 7, 2008)

"Okay, so I have some friends who really like to take a look at my files. Sure, I can hide them. But what if my parents will look at my PC? Oh, no. Not that I have "mature" content on my PC, but I have written all the crap that gets in my mind there.

"So I decided to build this today. To keep my data safe.

"Time taken (for me): 1 hour
Estimated Difficulty: Medium to Hard

This is a detailed, and - as far as I can tell - useful how-2 for someone who wants to keep some data secure from unwanted viewers. And, there are quite a few photos to illustrate the process.

Enter the Jerks

Somewhat predictably, this interesting bit of tech writing attracted the attention of the usual 'funny' and 'mature' types.

The post now has this header:


"Okay, I'm getting sick of this. Every now and then, someone brings this up and says reference to 18+ content. I even saw a website with photoshops of my computer displaying 18+ content. They even twist the story, saying I have 18+ content. In reality, I DO NOT hold thise things. This is extremely depressing and...


"Those people who run those website cracking mature jokes over this project is a total jerk. It's giving me a bad name and it ruins the innocence of this site. And it hurts me too! I even saw one website completely TWIST the story and make this a facility for hiding bad content. It's STUPID and extremely annoying.



"UPDATE: These "pr0n" people keep annoyng us. That's it. GUEST POSTING... CLOSED!

"I never anticipated the amount of BS this little project can do."

I sympathize with the author. This sort of thing, and the robotic b-girls, soured me on MySpace.

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