Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rat Poo Peanut President is Back: As a Consultant

I - am - not - making - this - up.

"AP Exclusive: Back to work after salmonella case"
The Associated Press (September 8, 2010)

"The peanut industry executive whose filthy processing plants were blamed in a salmonella outbreak two years ago that killed nine people and sickened hundreds more is back in the business.

"Stewart Parnell, former president of the now-bankrupt Peanut Corp. of America, is working as a consultant to peanut companies as the federal government's criminal investigation against him has languished for more than 18 months, The Associated Press has learned.

"Parnell, who invoked the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying before Congress in February 2009, once directed employees to 'turn them loose' after samples of peanuts had tested positive for salmonella and then were cleared in a second test, according to e-mails uncovered at the time by congressional investigators.

"In an interview with the AP, Parnell expressed exasperation and said he wants the pending criminal investigation resolved - one way or another...."

If this dude's learned that killing nine of his end users and running his company into the ground was not a very good idea: okay, maybe it'd make some sense to spend money by hiring him as a "consultant."

I just hope that the corporate brass hats who throw money at this guy know that quite a few Americans don't like to be poisoned.

The AP article points out that it's perfectly legal for a company - even one that handles the food you'll be eating - to hire this fellow as a consultant.

He hasn't done anything illegal, you see.

At least, nothing that got into the courts.

Or is likely to.

Because - well, just because.

The Lemming tries to retain a respect for the judicial system of the United States: but situations like this make it a real challenge.

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