Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Lemur With Huge Dark Eyes

"Photo in the News: New Lemur Species Discovered"
Ted Chamberlain, National Geographic News (August 9, 2005)

"You're a good man, Microcebus lehilahytsara—quite literally. The German and Madagascan scientists who discovered the new lemur species named it for U.S. lemur expert Steve Goodman ("lehilahytsara" is Malagasy for "good man"). They announced the discovery of this and another new lemur species (not pictured) today.

Surprisingly, the scientists discovered Microcebus lehilahytsara not in some shrouded jungle but in one of the most studied rain forests on the African island of Madagascar. Then again, this good man is not much bigger than a big mouse, making Microcebus lehilahytsara all the more difficult to find. ...

(from Robert Zingg, via National Geographic, used w/o permission)

That newly-discovered lemur is almost disturbingly cute. Those huge, dark eyes. Those huge, dark, deep eyes. Eyes you could stare into forever and ever: deeper and deeper, lost in the boundless expanse of night within those huge dark eyes.

Sorry: what was this post about?

Some new animal found in Madagascar. A lemur of some sort. Right.

It's got these huge, dark eyes - - -.

Seriously, though: that's one cute critter.

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