Thursday, September 30, 2010

Las Vegas Hotel Death Ray? Sounds More Like a Solar Furnace

"Las Vegas hotel guests left with severe burns from 'death ray' caused by building's design"
Mail Online (September 29, 2010)

"Guests at a new hotel in Las Vegas have complained of receiving severe burns from a 'death ray' of sunlight caused by the unique design of the building.

"Due to the concave shape of the Vdara hotel, the strong Nevada sun reflects off its all-glass front and directly onto sections of the swimming pool area below.

"The result has left some guests with burns from the powerful rays and even plastic bags have been recorded as melting in the heat....

"...Gordon Absher, a spokesman for MGM Resorts, which owns the Vdara hotel, said they was aware of the issue and designers were working with resort staff to come up with a solution.

"In fact it is claimed that the designers foresaw the issue with the reflecting sun but thought they had solved it by installing a high-tech film on the south-facing panes of glass...."

Then the Vdara hotel's trick windows zapped Bill Pintas, a lawyer from Chicago.


(from Mike Johnson, Las Vegas Review-Journal, via Mail Online, used w/o permission)

I suppose MGM Resorts/Vdara hotel have basically two options. Three, if you count leaving the guest-zapping south wall the way it is.
  1. Change the hotel
    • Make the south wall a less effective solar furnace
    • Provide shielding for the pool area
      • And hope that the Vdara death ray doesn't shoot down an airliner
  2. Make the south side solar furnace into an attraction
    • Contests to see whose plastic bag melts first
    • Call it a
      • Light show
      • Sustainable energy resource
      • Hottest poolside in Vegas
The Lemming's guess is that they'll pick option 1.

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