Thursday, December 3, 2009

An Asian-Italian Dish for Busy People, From Idaho: Now That's American!

"Fast Easy Fried Asian Vermicelli (Bee Hoon)"
vishali, Notecook (December 3, 2009)

"This Authentic Fried Asian Vermicelli recipe is a time saver for busy people.
Fried Asian Vermicelli can be prepared and served in 15 mins!

"I am very keen in cooking. I love trying new recipes and improvising them. I especially like to experiment ways to prepare and cook them faster. Many of the traditional Asian recipes are tedious and time consuming. Whenever I look at mouth watering recipes online, I would be tempted to try but the long tedious process would put me off. Then I would scrutinise[!] the recipe to see where I can take a short cut or maybe simplify or omit a step. While attempting to improvise recopies, I will always try to retain the original flavour.

"This Fast Easy Asian Vermicelli is one of my short cut recipes...."

What follows is a five-ingredient, seven-step recipe so easy, I'd find no trouble following it. (Intricate cuisine isn't my forte.)

Also, a video on how to stir-fry pork.

I enjoy seeing what cultures around the world have come up with, but I like American cookery, too. And I think this qualifies: "...a time saver for busy people..."? A priest who spent quite a bit of time elsewhere said that not doing enough wasn't - to put it mildly - a typically American problem.

Anyway, vishali lives in Idaho - that's the state that keeps Montana from bumping into Washington state.

And, the way I see it, America isn't so much a melting pot as a crazy quilt. The result isn't nicely consistent; but I like the variety, the different textures, and the wild pattern.

Back to that recipe: vishali must have people with my cooking skills in mind. The seventh step starts with "Taste."
A tip of the hat to williamcooks, on Twitter, for the heads-up on this recipe.

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