Monday, December 7, 2009

A Tofu-Free Christmas Cake Recipe

"Traditional Christmas Cake"
Notecook (December 6, 2009)

"For some, the best part of the Christmas dinner is the Traditional Christmas Cake. Rich with dried fruits and often flavoured with rum or brandy, Traditional Christmas Cake is a perfect ending for a festive holiday meal...."

Christmas cake. Traditional. Tasty. One bite and you can hear your arteries harden.

But, as with so many other things, I don't think a little Christmas cake will really hurt you.

Unless you drop it on your foot.

This post is mostly a recipe for Christmas Cake. And, this advice:

"...Note: Traditional Christmas Cake is best made ahead and allowed to mature before icing and decorating...."

The ingredients include a half-pound of butter, apricot jam, four ounces of brandy or dark rum (for starters), a cup of golden raisins and a cup and a half of brown sugar.

A diet food for the health-conscious this isn't.

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