Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Cash and the Philosophy of Fred Figglehorn

Another "Fred" Christmas video.

Christmas greed's an old topic, but this is a fresh treatment - downright impertinent, you might say.

"Fred Figglehorn - Christmas Cash - Official Music Video"

Fred, YouTube (November 10, 2009)
video, 3:37

"Fred's music video for his original Christmas song, Christmas Cash! Available at iTunes...."

The first viewing was fun: second time, I thought it got a little repetitious around 2:45. It took a third viewing to confirm that impression. But don't take my observation too seriously. I'm probably at least three times the age of the target demographic for this video. I've seen love beads, mood rings, and disco come and go - and watched music videos before MTV went on-air.

On top of that, I've read the annual polemics about how greed and materialism are just simply ruining Christmas until they all blurred together.

So, like they say in the commercials, 'you experience may vary.'

Bottom line? It's a fun video, with good production values, and gets a (to this old coot) familiar message across with a (strange) flair.


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