Saturday, December 12, 2009

Resting Meat, Gingerbread Men, and Zombie Brains: Tasty!

"This Week's Tasty 10"
Serious Eats (December 12, 2009)

"1. The Food Lab: The Importance of Resting Meat
" 'You mean I have to wait before I can tuck into that perfectly charred ribeye? Unfortunately, yes. Here's why.'

"2. Peanut Butter + Cookie Dough Tube = Genius
" 'The phone rang the other day. It was my mother. Those of you who have read my posts before may recall that while I'm more of a from-scratch kind of guy, my mother is more, well semi-homemade....'

"3. French Macarons Coming Soon to Starbucks
" 'The 12-piece macaron boxes made in France by Ch√Ęteau Blanc will only be sold for a limited time, from December 13 until December 25. The Serious Eats office got a box of the macarons to try before they hit the shops....'

"4. Top Chef Season 6 Finale: And the Winner Is......"

And so on. Each of those numbered items links to a longer post.

Singled out for special mention:

"Cakespy: Gingerbread Mad Men"

"Worst foodie gift ever?"

" 'Invited to dinner' food mishaps" (or, in-laws and zombie brains)

The last two are, perhaps, cases-in-point of how people are attracted to train wrecks.

The first, "- - - Gingerbread Mad Men," starts with: "They say you have to learn the rules before you break them. But is it ever possible to break them just a little bit while you learn them? Case in point: gingerbread men...." It's not so much 'breaking' the rules as bending them after the basics are taken care of. And it's pretty obvious that gingerbread people demographics aren't limited to the examples given.

As a rule, I like these 'best of' listings - and this is no exception.
A tip of the hat to williamcooks, on Twitter, for the heads-up on this post.

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