Monday, December 14, 2009

Global Warming: on Pluto. And Mars

"Sun Blamed for Warming of Earth and Other Worlds"
LiveScience (March 12, 2007 )

"Earth is heating up lately, but so are Mars, Pluto and other worlds in our solar system, leading some scientists to speculate that a change in the sun’s activity is the common thread linking all these baking events.

"Others argue that such claims are misleading and create the false impression that rapid global warming, as Earth is experiencing, is a natural phenomenon.

"While evidence suggests fluctuations in solar activity can affect climate on Earth, and that it has done so in the past, the majority1 of climate scientists and astrophysicists agree that the sun is not to blame for the current and historically sudden uptick in global temperatures on Earth, which seems to be mostly a mess created by our own species...."

Okay: 'Everybody knows' that factories and strip mines and strip malls and western greed and stuff like that cause global warming which is gonna kill us all.

Me? I remember when the coming ice age was gonna kill us all. And everything caused cancer. Also, that the second coming was due in about three to five years. After a while, it gets really hard to work up enthusiasm for these predictions of doom.

They make great stories, though.

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1 The majority, that is, of scientists who believe in global warming as a symptom of big bad humanity's ongoing rape of Mother Earth: and/or who are employed and want to stay that way. (April 29, 2008, in another blog: I am extremely glad to be out of the academic racket.)

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