Friday, December 18, 2009

Where the Birds are in Minnesota

"M.O.U. Species Distribution"

"Included here are nesting range maps for those species which normally nest in the state, and the approximate location(s) where migrants, winter visitants, casual and accidental species occur or have occured[!].

"For regularly occuring[!] species which are strictly migrants, summer visitors or winter visitors, the maps attempt to depict those areas where these species are most often or most likely to be found. Not every record is depicted for migrants, as they can often occur anywhere. In those cases where migrants usually occur in a very restricted area, (e.g., Parasitic Jaeger, Red Knot), only those locations are shown, even though records from other areas may have been recorded.

These maps are only intended to be used as a general guide....

Then, after a bit more text, what I'd have thought would be the page title:

"Range Maps for Minnesota Birds"

Birds from "Ducks, Geese, Swans" to "Old World Sparrows," by way of maps showing where plovers, herons, egrets, bitterns and New World vultures: the latter are turkey vultures, found in the northeastern parts of the state.

That arcane acronym, M.O.U.? It stands for The Minnesota Ornithologists' Union.

Bottom line? This is a pretty good resource for looking up the ranges of birds in Minnesota. And yes, we've got more than sparrows, ducks, loons, crows - and turkey vultures.


Brigid said...

What's with the bracketed exclamation points?

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...


Old academic habit. The word's "occurred" - and I wanted it noted that I was doing an exact and literal quote - typos and all.

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