Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas is Creepy: the Fred video

"Fred - Christmas is Creepy - Official Video"

Fred, YouTube (December 7, 2009)

"The official music video for "Christmas is Creepy". The song came straight from Fred's heart.
"Get the album on...."

Fred Figglehorn is a (fictional) "lonely, speedy-voiced 6-year-old with anger-management issues.

"Fred is played by 15-year-old Lucas Cruikshank, a high school freshman from Nebraska whose web-based comedy series recently earned the distinction of being YouTube's Most Subscribed Channel of all time, with more than 650,000 viewers signed up.

"Cruikshank created his Fred character two years ago as a way to parody video bloggers who create self-important videos about their lives...."
( Wall)

This particular video is - not your usual 'Christmas special' material.

I liked it - but then I like quite a few things that aren't close to the 50th percentile.

In the video, "Fred" shows how a reasonable person might react to some jolly old elf snuck into the house - through the chimney. As for those Christmas 'wonderlands' sure, they look cute - but what if a snowman really did come to life? And: "...Rudolph, why are you looking at me that way?! Why is that snowman moving?!!...This just isn't right!!!...."

If you're a literalist, or there's one in the room: I suggest that you not run this video.

Everybody else? Enjoy!
A tip of the hat to #3 daughter, for the heads-up on this video.


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