Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lemming Tracks: Two 3D Companies Merge (Well, It Matters To Me)

"AZ 3D & Gizmoz MERGE TO BECOME LEADING PUBLISHER OF Personalized 3D Characters, Software and Accessories"
DAZ 3D/gizmoz publicity page, with links

"DAZ 3D, developers of renowned 3D software and highly supported 3D content, and Gizmoz, the leader in 3D face detection, mapping, and manipulation technology, have merged to form a new company that will deliver the highest-quality personalized 3D digital characters, accessories...."

If you're not 'into' 3D art and modeling, or are connected with those companies, you probably couldn't care less about this merger.

I've been teaching myself how to use 3D software for a little over three years now, and use quite a few DAZ products: so I am interested. And, hope that the merged entity maintains the quality that I've come to expect from DAZ 3D.

the "official" press release:

"DAZ 3D and Gizmoz Merge to Become Premier Publisher of Personalized 3D Characters, Software and Accessories"
"Fuels Growth of Virtual Goods Market for Improved Gaming, Virtual Worlds, and 3D Modeling and Animation; Benchmark Capital, Highway 12 Ventures and Columbia Capital Lead Funding"

"Draper, Utah and Tel Aviv, Israel – Dec. 16, 2009 – Seizing the opportunity to meet the increasing and diversified expectations of the virtual goods market, DAZ 3D and Gizmoz today announced a merger that will create the foremost online marketplace for high-quality and inter-compatible digital characters and accessories....

"...'We are excited to announce the formation of a company dedicated to delivering digital goods with unprecedented life-like characteristics ideal for social networks, cross-platform gaming, 3D animation and development,' said Eyal Gever, president of the merged company and CEO and founder of Gizmoz...."

With my biases, I'm worried that the merged corporation will be run by bean counters and control freaks: but I have no reason to think this will happen. DAZ 3D has a very good product line, and sane CEOs don't sabotage winning teams.

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