Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Rabbit, a Photo of the Rabbit, and a Poem

"Featured Poem: The Milestone by the Rabbit Burrow"
The Reader Magazine (January 21, 2008)

"We are celebrating National Rabbit Week here at The Reader and in honour of the occasion our featured poem this morning is Thomas Hardy's 'The Milestone by the Rabbit Burrow', which is actually written from the point of view of a rabbit...."

Despite the impression you may have gotten, either in that required poetry class, or from some painfully creative acquaintance, poetry isn't necessarily weird, lethally boring, or the sort of thing you have to join some arcane group to "really" understand.

The Thomas Hardy poem quoted is mercifully brief. You might find it a fun read.

Or, not.

"Champaign," in the second-to-last line isn't a misspelling of champagne. A champaign is an "extensive tract of level open land". (Princeton's WordNet) Which is a fair description of Champagne, the area where champagne was developed.

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