Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boeing Dreamliner: An Enthusiastic Review, With Photos

"Boeing's 787 Is as Innovative Inside as Outside"
Autopia Wired (December 24, 2009)

"Oh sure, Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner is made of composite materials and it's super fuel efficient, but unless you own an airline, the only thing you care about is how comfortable it is. Boeing knows this, and has striven to give passengers an experience unlike any other airplane.

"The aerospace company decided an all-new airplane needs an all-new interior and went all-out to make the 787's interior as innovative as its airframe, aerodynamics and engines. From the air you breath to the turbulence you (won't) feel to the windows you look through, the passenger experience promises to provide something new at every stage of your flight...."

"...Boeing wastes no time giving passengers a new experience. As soon as you board the Dreamliner, you're greeted by an open area just inside the door. The ceiling resembles a skylight, complete with blue LED lighting that mimics the sky.

" 'They've designed this kind of lounge area instead of coming in next to a galley,' Hamilton says. 'It really gives you a welcoming area instead of entering into somebody's kitchen.'..."

The Wired article has a half-dozen more photos, and a pretty good description of the Boeing Dreamliner. Looks like they've got a fine-looking airliner on their hands. And, that Boeing had the end user in mind in the design.

Developing the Dreamliner hasn't been an entirely smooth road. Almost two years ago, someone noticed that the sophisticated control system of Boeing's airliner could be hacked. Not good news, particularly these days. Well, that was then - and from the lack of fuss since January of 2008, my guess is that Boeing's engineers reviewed and reworked the system.

Although I think it's more in the bells and whistles line, than more central concerns about the airframe and control systems, the Dreamliner's interior lighting is - cool. It's got at least three modes. Or moods. One for boarding, that clear bluish-white look in the photo; another, warmer, illumination; and cool, dim, blue-white for sleep.

I'm not likely to ever be on one of those Dreamliners, but that won't keep me from enjoying the photos. and descriptions.

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