Saturday, October 17, 2009

Young Raccoons, a Vending Machine, and Well-Meaning People

"Raccoons Rescued From Vending Machine"

AssociatedPress, YouTube (June 15, 2009)
video (0:48)

"Imagine dropping your quarters into a vending machine and having a raccoon face pop out instead of your drink. That's what happened to some residents at an apartment complex...."

As one of the people said, "...cute!..."

Judging from the way one of the young raccoons oozed through an access hole in the vending machine's innards, I suspect that the two were perfectly capable of getting out on their own.

But, in an almost totally predator-proof enclosure, with pounds and pounds of Pepsi all around them, why move. The only drawback, from the raccoon's point of view, that I can see is that they didn't seem to have figured out how to get the cans open.

Maybe that's why they stayed inside.

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