Friday, October 23, 2009

Lemming Tracks: How Can the Lemming Call Himself "Apathetic"?!

All three posts today show that the Lemming cares - quite a lot - about some things. So how can the Lemming call himself "apathetic"?

This blog's first post discussed its name, and I revisited that topic a few months later. ("Why 'Apathetic Lemming of the North?' " (September 9, 2007)), "Rise of Apathetic Lemming of the North" (July 22, 2007))

A sentence from that first post gives an idea of why the Lemming is, by America's dominant culture's standards, "apathetic:"

"...I am not particularly interested in the great causes some of this continent's coastal cultures: the oppression of the spotted owl, for example...."

Briefly, I care - quite a lot - about people, and about (some) issues. But I don't care intensely, passionately and cluelessly about the 'right' issues. Which makes me a lemming (someone following something other than the dominant culture's approved ideas) and apathetic in the culturally-normative sense (someone who doesn't share the dominant culture's obsessions).

The Lemming Must One of Those Conservative Bloggers We've Been Warned About

I've been labeled as "conservative" - and one of my blogs got placed on a 'best conservative blogs' list. That's okay. Labels are useful things, and America's dominant culture seems to have decided that anybody who's not "liberal," and not "moderate" or "undecided," must be "conservative."

And some of my positions show that I'm obviously conservative.

Others show that I'm obviously liberal.

It's not that I'm inconsistent - or schizophrenic - I'm Catholic. (A Catholic Citizen in America (November 3, 2008))

Yeah, one of those people.

The Lemming, Relevance, and Tomorrow's Posts

Maybe you've read about the late sixties and early seventies, when "relevance" was king. Or queen, Or something. Kings - or anything obviously male - weren't all that "relevant" back then.

I lived through it, got out with most of my neurons intact, and don't ever want to go back.

I like the music, though. Like Alice Cooper's "School's Out," Jefferson Airplane and the Strawberry Alarm Clock. Too bad about Jimmi Hendrix.

As a rule, the Lemming writes posts about fairly neutral things: like interior design, cute animals, humor and - recently - the weird(er) side of high fashion.

But sometimes a topic or three comes up that the Lemming cares about - like today. What can I say? The Lemming is "apathetic" - but some things I do care about.

Tomorrow, though, is another day: and I expect that the Lemming will be back with a more general-interest run on posts.

We'll see.

Today's Un-Groovy, Un-Relevant Posts: Related posts:

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