Friday, October 30, 2009

Throw it Against the Wall, See if It Sticks

"Welcome to 'The WALL'. Here is a place where you can share the lessons you have learned in life. There is no specific format of the content you can submit, so be creative. The purpose of this is for you to share the lessons you have learned in life so far...." ("The WALL," this website's 'about' page)

From the global culture's many multi-millennial-long roots, "wall" could call quite a few allusions to mind. The one that dropped on my mind's front desk was the Western phrase, "throw it against the wall and see if it sticks." It's derived, I'm pretty sure, from practical cookery. "Throw it against the wall" is also a good way of saying that an idea should be tested, to see if it works. is a place where people can share what they've learned in life - and have their experiences and observations compared with others. "Share" sounds nicer than "test" - but it's by sharing experiences that we test our own against those of others.

Enough with the philosophy. looks like a good place to dip into the pool of human experience, and maybe pour a few buckets in.

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