Monday, October 19, 2009

An Idea Whose Time Has Come? Fashion Police Dogs - and Wolverines

"Uh-oh. The hyenas have stopped laughing…"
Oddly Enough, Reuters blog (October 18, 2009)

"Blog Guy, you're always making fun of fashion designers, acting like you think they are worthless, gangrenous canker sores on the buttocks of society.

"Wait. You think I'm just acting?...

"...I've trained my dog as a fashion critic. I take her to the big shows, and she attacks the worst designs, but only when the situation is extreme.

"So she doesn't really LIKE attacking designs?

"No. She'd much rather go after the designers...."

And then there's the blogger's "next step." It involves hyenas. And wolverines.

This is the second Oddly Enough post I've micro-reviewed in the last week, that's dealt with the world of fashion. (See "Paris Fashions: Yes, They're Supposed to Look Like That" (October 13, 2009))

If fashion designers who act as if they think Salvador Dali was a representational artist were limited to Paris, I'd think it was a strictly local phenomenon. Probably due to something in the water.

But bizarre, mind-bogglingly ugly outfits on women aren't limited to Paris, France. Although I'll admit that the blindfold ensembles modeled in Argentina weren't that hard to look at - just strange. (August 1, 2009)

And models these days seem to be fed more adequately. I remember the 'Twiggy' era.1

Canine Fashion Police?

Attractive as the idea of setting an aesthetically-sensitive German shepherd loose in one of those celebrations of weirdness is, I think that the Oddly Enough blogger might be mistaken.

The dog may have the right idea. Those models aren't responsible for the affronts to sanity and eyesight: it's the designers who dredge those shapes and colors up from the unfathomed depths of their minds.

So, perhaps we could give those models a break. Let them get a few good meals while designers are dealt with by the fashion police dogs. And wolverines.

(These days, I probably have to say this: just kidding!)

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1Twiggy was a quite attractive teenage girl who was a bit more rangy than most. She made quite a hit as a model during the sixties, and seems to have had a pretty successful career since.

And as she made the transition from a gangling 16-year-old to an adult woman, Twiggy lost that stick-figure look - no surprises there.

The problem was that quite a few models - and other women - tried to look the way Twiggy looked when she was 16. Some were young enough, and naturally ectomorphic enough to manage it without hurting themselves.

Others, well: anorexia nervosa is a more commonly-used phrase than I like. And, despite what Leona Helmsley is supposed to have said, it is possible to be too thin.

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