Monday, October 5, 2009

Larry and the Gated Community: a VegieTales Video

"Gated Community"

MegannLuvsJonnny, YouTube (March 20, 2009)
video, 2:32

"Its dodgy but kewl"

I'm not sure which of the many meanings of "dodgy" MegannLuvsJonny had in mind - this video quite definitely has an identifiable attitude about gated communities and the sort of people who presumably live in them.

I mean to say, Larry the Cucumber's reasonable request for the return of his ball met with this sort of thing? -

"...everything's so lovely
Oh! Our Hearts are filled with glee
And when you visit
You can stand outside and see
What a lovely bunch we are
In our gated unity!...

As usual with VegieTale videos, the music's fun and (I think) so are the lyrics.

This video isn't posted on YouTube by BigIdeaInc - I looked, but they don't seem to have put this one online themselves.

I could go on (and on) about the light this video sheds on the fragmentation of society; apathy of the affluent; and whether the performances is done a trio, a quartet, or a quintet of singing produce. But, as I've seen it written, that can be left as "an exercise for the reader."

There's rather definitely a message in the mirth.

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