Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Mind-Blowing Space Photo" - How it was Made, How the Photographer Got Started with Astrophotograpy

"The Making of a Mind-Blowing Space Photo"
Wired Science (October 6, 2009)

"One late night in 2007, Rogelio Bernal Andreo and his wife were driving down Highway 1 along California's Lost Coast, when his wife opened the moon roof. What spread out above them looked nothing like the mauve sky near their Sunnyvale home.

" 'It was like the Milky Way was in front of us,' said Andreo, a former early eBay employee, who runs a Spanish-language Internet company. 'It looked like it was gonna fall on us.'

"He pulled out his digital SLR camera and spent two hours trying to capture the vast galaxy. When he got home, he downloaded the photos, and caught the astrophotography bug...."

(from Wired Science, used w/o permission)

That photo is the first of seven in the article, and probably the most spectacular.

I can imagine how stunning the night sky might be to someone living in Sunnyvale. I live in one of the more heavily built-up parts of central Minnesota - my home is in a population-4,000 town - and 'light pollution' is an issue here. The poultry barns, with their 24/7 lighting, don't help; and I remember what the night sky looked like, in and around the Red River Valley of the north.

The article is a pretty good overview of one man's journey into the realm of astrophotography.

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