Friday, October 23, 2009

Bong Water and an Un-Groovy Minnesota Court

"Minn. court: Bong water can count as illegal drug"
The Associated Press (October 22, 2009)

"In Minnesota, bong water can count as an illegal drug...."

Like, how un-groovy! This isn't the, like, sixties, any more, is it?

There was a dissenting opinion in the court, and I haven't made up my own mind about the decision. This has made national news, though, one way or another: FOXNews's AP article ends with "...'They're treating Ms. Peck, who had two tablespoons of bong water, as if she were a major drug wholesaler,' he said.

"Delapena said Peck's case now goes back to the trial court, where he said prosecutors could use the ruling to try to extract a guilty plea to a more serious offense with a stiffer sentence than a $300 fine on a petty misdemeanor. He laughed at the suggestion that it means dope smokers should empty their bongs promptly.

" 'I wouldn't presume to draw that lesson,' he said. 'I would just stick with the legal lessons.'..."

Like I said, I haven't made up my mind about this decision - not that my opinion would make a whit of difference.

On the one hand, although bong water can be used to get a secondary high - water is a marvelous solvent - considering the water-to-dope ratio, counting bong water as a controlled substance - and using the weight of the water to determine amount - seems a trifle extreme.

On the other hand, I don't - in general - approve of people using chemicals to mess with their brains. That includes alcohol. I'm not a teetotaler, but I don't think that drinking to get drunk is a good idea.

Which makes me hopelessly un-hip, grossly un-groovy, and definitely not on Professor Leary's cheering squad.

The Lemming Needs Drugs - But It's Not What You May Think

I recently ran into some folks who announced that they would never have a problem with alcoholism, because they were happy, sensible, self-controlled people with no need for something to buffer them from the world.

I'm happy for them.

Me? Like I say, I'm not a teetotaler, but I did have a very real problem with alcohol abuse a few decades back. Not diagnosable alcoholism, but close enough to get my attention.

About those magic mushrooms and other magic carpet rides? I never felt a need to "turn on, tune in, drop out" - no great virtue on my part. The way my brain is wired, all I have to do is take my foot off the brake: and I get all the trips I need.

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Thomas C Gallagher said...

Since drugs are now in river water (search: “drugs in water supply”) and cities get their water from rivers, city water is a “mixture” of illegal drugs (no matter how diluted), according to the absurd logic of this majority of four Minnesota Supreme Court judges.

So – now that all of us living in Minnesota are criminals possessing “drug mixture” water in our homes and toilets – shall we wake up, end the abuse of government power, and repeal all laws criminalizing drugs possession?

For more discussion of this Minnesota case, and it’s excellent dissent, see my blog post:

Minnesota Court Waters Down Legal Definition of Illegal Drugs: Toilet Water Now Criminal to Possess

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