Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Balance Beam and "Potty Talk" - Parenting in the Real World

"Potty Talk"
The Balance Beam (October 18, 2009)

"Warning: This post may not be suitable for those who have never taken care of small children and/or those with a strong sensory gag reflex.

"Recently, I've regained the privilege of cleaning the soiled underpants of my four-year old son (aka 'Spiderman'). This task includes wiping his similarly smeared derriere of course.

"Lovely, right? My life is so glamorous.

"Oh, Spiderman was fully trained on the correct use of the facilities. In fact, ..."

I've said it before: parenting isn't for wimps.

This is a new blog to me, and looks like a very down-to-earth window on the sort of real-world issues the grown-ups in families face. Nothing big or "glamorous" here - just the sort of thing that needs to be cleared away before the fun side of family life can happen.

The Balance Beam's description/subhead is "Life Balance Strategy, Humor & Random Overshare"

I don't think you'll find "expert" opinions and insights in this blog. What I read of it seemed like common-sense observations and advice from someone who's actually seen kids in their natural habitat.
A tip of the hat to BeamingBalance, on BlogCatalog. I ran into her blog in a discussion thread about blog photos there.

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