Friday, June 4, 2010

A Puppy, a Transmission, and a Happy Ending

"By the Way, You're a Quart Low"
Not That Mike The Other Mike, via Cute Overload (June 2, 2010)

"While most pups respond to the words 'car ride?' with unhinged glee, here's one who may think twice: A cute black lab who took a 30-mile drive while trapped under the hood. Warning: You may wince a little, but the video has a happy ending (and bonus cute rescue-y guy; maybe not Jamin-level cute, but in the ballpark)."

The little lab likes to stay on cool spots, like concrete floors. Considering what she went through, that's understandable. She's okay, now - but got wedged over the transmission of a car, burning her belly before she was discovered and extracted.


kurtavish, YouTube (June 01, 2010)

"A little 8 weeks old puppy found in a car engine and survived a 30 mile drive near the hot engine."

The video's narration has a bit of pronoun trouble, here and there - but the endearing story is worth it. I think so, anyway.

The little lab's been treated - and was 'adopted' by a friend of the fellow who helped get her out.

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