Monday, June 21, 2010

Power From the Sun and Boiled Potatoes! Smart Clothing! Dark Lasers! Robots Delivering Pills!

"Tech universe: Monday, June 21" (June 21, 2010)

"A round-up of the latest technology news from around the globe.

"MORE LIGHT THAN HEAT: The average solar cell loses most of its electrons as heat, so it's only...

"...MOOD-ALTERING CLOTHES: Sensors in your clothing can assess your mood then send you messages, music or video to perk you up or...

"...PILLS ON WHEELS: The new Forth Valley Royal Hospital will have a fleet of robots delivering pills...

"...DARK LASERS: Lasers come in red, green, and blue. Now there are dark lasers too....

"...DON'T EAT YOUR VEG: The latest in green power sources is...."

The New Zealand Herald's Tech universe column is sort of like this blog, only focused on technology. If today's sample is typical: pretty cool technology.

Something the Lemming appreciates in Tech universe are the links to articles in other publications. Someone at the New Zealand Herald's got it right: online, you don't want to try trapping your readers. Folks like links: and most of us know where the 'back' button is, and aren't afraid to use it.

That bit about mood altering clothes? That's from Tech News Daily: "'Smart' Clothing Responds to Wearer’s Emotions," Tech News Daily (June 8, 2010) What's described in Tech News Daily looks promising, but I think Tech Universe's Miraz Jordan has a point: we don't want clothes that are too smart.

Consider: you put on a shirt, and it says "surely you don't suggest I be seen with those pants!"

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