Friday, June 4, 2010

Blog Comments Categorized: Encouragers to Aliens II - The Response

I did a micro-review of the first post Matthew Warner wrote on this topic Last Friday.

A few things, before this week's micro-review:
  • Matthew Warner is Catholic
    • You Have been warned
  • These posts on blog comments apply to just about any sort of blog
    • I think
  • Despite that "Part 2 of 2" thing - he may come out with a part 3 (of 2??) next week

"10 Types of Blog Comments: Part 2 of 2"
Matthew Warner blog, The National Catholic Register (June 2, 2010)

"Now for the exciting part-2 conclusion of last week's surprisingly controversial post: 10 types of blog comments (Part 1). Make sure you read Part 1 first to get caught up.

"I had a lot of excellent feedback on part 1, including some very funny comments. So, first of all, thank you for being such great contributors to the topic. We also had some suggestions/criticisms for a few 'types of commenters' that I missed.

"One suggestion was the 'Clown,' who just tries to be funny and sometimes randomly silly. But I think the 'Clown' comment can easily fit under either Contributor, Non-contributor, or Encourager. A Clown is just funny in the process…which is usually a bonus. There's also the 'Tome-ist,' as one creative commenter added. This is a commenter whose comment is so long it could be it's own book. I like that one...."

There's a recommended (specifically not 'set in stone') way to respond to the ten original types. I think Matthew Warner's giving good advice - but then, I agree with most of it. Like this:

"...9) Self-promoters - If a 'promotional' comment is something positive and has to do with the topic, I leave it and perhaps thank them for it. It adds value to the community and discussion. If it's obviously spam, I delete it. If it is promoting something that is dishonest or offensive, I delete that too. I often get people posting anti-catholic websites on my blog comments over on Fallible Blogma. If the link is to an honest site that just happens to disagree with the Catholic Church, I generally leave it as part of the discussion. If it is blatantly dishonest, I usually delete it. I have no obligation to help propagate dishonest lies...."

Which raises an interesting question - if there are "dishonest lies," are there honest lies?

Anyway: It's a pretty good post. Probably worth reading for entertainment value - and with take-in-or-leave-it advice.

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A tip of the hat to MatthewWarner, on Twitter, for the heads-up on this post - and for writing the thing.

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