Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Barton House," Tampa History: and No Photos

"History and architecture"
Kathy Steele, News, South Tampa, South Tampa News & Tribune (June 9, 2010)

"The eye-catching blue bungalow on Oregon Avenue is a long way from the boxy military housing in which 'Army brat' Laura Barton grew up.

"As a married adult, Barton has seen an evolution in her housing choices: from Army base life, to ranch-style housing in California and Temple Terrace, to the 1920s Craftsman-style bungalow in Hyde Park. In between, there were flirtations with glass, steel and brick designs - sort of 'Miami Vice' sleek and modern.

"History, architecture and location have been combined into her dream home in the Oregon Avenue bungalow with an extra-wide front door...."

The article discusses historical bungalows in the Tampa Florida area, with a bit about the Bartons' house. Looks like "Barton House" got featured in American Bungalow magazine.

A magazine - about bungalows? Looks like.

There are a few shout-outs for Tampa's historical personalities like Henry Plant, O. H. Platt and Don Vicente Martinez Ybor,

There's a wealth of information in the article's 830 or so words: but what impressed me was that, although photographs are discussed in the article - not one is displayed in the online page.

Oh, well: can't have everything.

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