Monday, August 30, 2010

"World of Color" at Disney: Sounds Cool (and Count the Buzzwords)

"World of Color offers private event for group meetings"
Chip & Company (August 28, 2010)

"Groups can elevate their next event experience at the Disneyland Resort to magical proportions with 'World of Color,' a new nighttime spectacular at Disney California Adventure theme park.

" 'World of Color' is a 25-minute visual symphony choreographed with revolutionary technology that takes attendees on a fascinating journey of Disney stories - charming and adventurous - in a whole new way. Created with groups in mind, the show offers a variety of private viewing locations that can accommodate everything from small executive groups to opening/closing galas of up to 6,000 attendees. Buy-outs are also available, which enables event organizers to customize the show with organization logos and other features...."

There's quite a bit more, written in the same press-release style, plus this photo:

See more images here..

Hats off to the Disney Company, by the way, for allowing folks to embed that image in posts like this. The "more images" in that required link are mostly icons for Disney Company promotionals, and a Pixie Hollow promo video. No problems with that: it's a commercial website, and that's how they make money.

About the "World of Color" article/press release: I haven't done this, but someone could play 'spot that buzzword' with it.

Still, that's a neat photo: and the Lemming's guess is that a show there would be fun.

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