Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spoiled Rotten by Technology?

"21 Signs You've Been Spoiled Rotten by Technology"
PCWorld (August 11, 2010)

"We are living in a geek's paradise. We are so spoiled by our gadgets and the Internet that we expect everything to be automated, digitized, and customized, not to mention responsive to the swipe of a finger.

"Technology has rewired our brains, altered our expectations, and, frankly, turned us all into cranks.

"How do you know if this has happened to you? Look for the following 21 warning signs.

"You know you've been spoiled rotten by technology when...."

It's a (fairly) lighthearted look at life in the early 21st century. Some of the 21 points are probably funnier to someone who's kept up with pop culture more diligently than I have: but I think I got the gist of that hoodie observation.

As for whether or not we're spoiled by technology? I'm pushing 60, live in a small town in central Minnesota: and earlier this week I walked up to a door - and realized that I was waiting for it to open. It wasn't an automatic door.

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