Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blog Readers: Survey Results on Updating, Twitter, More

"What blog readers really want - Survey results, Aug 2010"
the COMMS corner (August 5, 2010)

"The ideal blog architecture revealed?

"I've been running a survey on my blog this week, attempting to get a clearer picture of what people want from it going forward.

"Thanks to a really solid response, I not only have that insight, but some really interesting feedback about the general DNA of an ideal blog.

"Below are the key findings from the survey as well as the raw data, I think you'll find it pretty useful...."

The first two items weren't, I think, much of a surprise:
  • "Nearly 70% or respondents feel that 2-3 new posts per week is the ideal amount (only 4% were hungry for new content daily)
  • 70% of new blogs are discovered via Twitter / Facebook, with only 1% discovered via active subject searches
Still, it's nice to see the numbers: and see that more than 2/3 of readers polled like daily updates or better.

I think the author has business and related blogs in mind, judging from these points, later in the post:
  • "Practical, evidenced-based content is the most desired with nearly 50% of people stating that the level of usefulness and practicality is what makes a PR / comm blogs stand out from the crowd
  • "This is backed up by 20% of people saying that case studies are hugely valuable (second only to tools and tips posts which came in at 25%[)]
Still, I think anybody who's serious about blogging can take something away from these poll results. It's a short read, by the way, so you won't be using much of your time - and the author includes some charts which, for me, sped up the process a bit.

That bit about "blog architecture" in the opening sentence seems a bit of a misnomer: the post's more about content and interaction, than how a blog's information is organized.
A tip of the hat to Steveology, on Twitter, for the heads-up on this post.

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